What You'll Learn:

The Only Online Doctor And Team Training Course For Biologic / Health-Based Dentistry. There is no “conceptual thought” or “theoretical strategies” behind any of the training sessions. Everything you will learn at Total Care Academy Online is tested, proven tactics to improve patient care, increase profits, and grow your health-based dental practice.

  • Information to train your team members so they have a better handle on what Health-Based Dentistry is (and what it isn’t)

  • Learn how to make health-based exams efficient, profitable, and seamlessly incorporate into your practice.

  • We will show you EXACTLY how to remove mercury safely -- including what equipment is needed to make your office safer for patients and your team members.

  • Like anything in dentistry, technique is everything! We’ll demonstrate how to perform biomimetic restorations without going through the trial and error process most will experience.

  • We’ll guide you through blood draws, PRF instructions, and give you all the steps and checklists you need so you can incorporate this in your practice immediately.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Total Care Dental and Wellness LIVE office tour

    • LIVE Tour of Total Care Dental and Wellness Center

  • 2

    Health-Based Dentistry

    • What is Health-Based Dentistry?

  • 3

    Health-Based Restorative Dentistry

    • Records Photo Template and Instructions

    • Health-Based Restorative Dentistry

  • 4

    How to Create a Wellness Program

    • Total Care Academy Wellness Program

  • 5

    Introduction to the Health Based New Patient Exam

    • The Health-Based New Patient Exam

  • 6

    New Patient Exam

    • Pre-Visit Preparation

    • Check In

    • CT Scan

    • Medical History Discussion

    • Photographs

    • X-Rays

    • Blood Pressure

    • pH Test

    • Doctor Hand-Off

    • Intraoral Exam

    • Doctor Discussion and Treatment Plan

    • Vitamin D Test

    • Finances and Forms

    • How to Prepare For the Next Visit

    • FORMS for the New Patient Exam Downloadable HERE!

  • 7

    Health Based Restorative Documents and Forms

    • Product and Equipment List PDF

    • Marketing PDFs - Intro to Biomimetic Dentistry

    • PDF of Amalgam-Mercury Removal Consent Form

    • How to test for Mercury levels for the practitioner and patient

    • Link to the IAOMT Resource page for the SMART removal products

    • List of Supplies

  • 8

    Health Based Restorative LIVE case

    • LIVE Safe Mercury Removal Patient Video

  • 9

    LIVE discussion of Health Based Restorative Procedures

    • LIVE Health-Based Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry Discussion

  • 10

    Health-Based Surgery, PRF, Zirconia Implants

    • Health Based Surgery, PRF, Cavitations, Zirconia Implants

  • 11

    Health Based Surgery LIVE discussion

    • Surgery LIVE discussion video

  • 12

    LIVE Extraction and PRF Video

    • LIVE Extraction and PRF Video

  • 13

    LIVE Zirconia Implant Video

    • Implant Live

  • 14

    Health-Based Surgery Documents and Forms

    • Research Articles about Metal and Ceramic Implants

    • Apical Mattress Suture graphic

    • PDF Equipment and Materials for PRF and the Holistic Extraction

    • Research articles about PRF

    • Equipment and Materials for the Cavitation surgery

    • Product and Equipment List for Ozone usage PDF

    • PDF of PRF instructions

    • List of items in the surgical pack

    • Surgical supplements

    • Instrument and Equipment list for Ceramic Implants PDF

    • Pre-surgery checklist PDF

    • List of what goes in the post op bag PDF

    • PDF of consent forms

  • 15

    Recorded Zoom Department Break-out calls

    • Administrative and Marketing Meeting

    • Dr and Assistant Surgical Meeting

    • Hygiene and Treatment Coordinator Meeting

    • Hygiene and Treatment Coordinatory - hygiene specific

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