Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Pre-Course Webinar Information

    • Instructions for the course from Dr. Jorgensen

    • Instructions for the pre-recorded webinar, equipment purchases and Zoom link

    • Ozone Equipment Order Sheet

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Ozone Introduction Webinar

    • Introduction to Ozone Webinar

  • 3

    Documents and Information Sheets

    • Ozone training requirements and safety

    • Regulations and Training Info Sheet

    • Safety and Precautions Info Sheet

  • 4

    Details on Equipment Ordering and Options

    • Ozone Equipment Order Sheet from Smile Place Products

    • Basic Ozone Equipment Needs for Starting Use in Your Practice

    • Large Quantity Water System Info

    • Simple Ear Insufflation Equipment Info

    • Why do Ozonides through Olive Oil are therapeutic

    • Source of Ozone oil and soaps

  • 5

    How to Use Ozone in your Practice

    • Concentration Guide for the Stratus generator

    • Why ozone works to desensitize teeth

    • Dr. Bill Domb video - Ozone in the age of Coronavirus

    • LIVE hygiene video using ozone

    • Creating ozonated water

    • Using Ear Insufflation

  • 6

    Ozone research

    • Ozone research review -specific to Covid-19

    • Ozone use in perio research article

    • Ozone article by Mollica and Harris

    • Using ozone for treating teeth

    • SARS and Ozone water

  • 7

    Consents and Fees for Ozone use

    • Ozone Consent Form -Downloadable

    • Fees for Ozone in the Dental Office