What We Want For You:

  • Learn

    Dentistry that focuses on the health of the entire body is the future of dentistry. This program is the BEST way to learn how to make that change happen quickly and effectively.

  • Implement

    You’ll get to fast-track the implementation process, skip the learning curve, and finally transition into the health-based practice that you and your patients have been waiting for.

  • Teach

    This form of dentistry will change your life and the lives of your patients. Teach your patients about dentistry and its relation to whole-body health to better support them in their daily lives.

What They Say About Us

Dr. Ivonne Castro, DDS

Total Care Academy Member

“I am really enjoying the training videos in Total Care Academy. I am so excited about the next course!
I am so glad I found such a great mentor and your videos are clear and short. My team loves it!”

Dr. Kory Branham

Referring Doctor to Dr. Jorgensen

“Dr. Jorgensen has a broad grasp of the spectrum of holistic living and natural health care. Friends and family that I have referred to her have received exemplary care and I consider her a true artist of her profession.”

Dr. Jeffrey Yelle, DDS

Total Care Academy Member

“Total Care Academy is so helpful and the checklists provided are amazing and worth 10x more than the investment.”

Dr. Steven Elmore

Referring Doctor to Dr. Jorgensen

“Dr. Jorgensen is on the 'cutting edge' of what is vitally needed in the dental profession. She has helped me with my own dental issues, as well as the dozens of patients I’ve referred to her over the last few years.”

Learn from the best in the business

Learn more about Total Care Academy’s expert instructor:


Michelle Jorgensen

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen is an author, speaker, teacher, biologic/holistic dentist, and health and wellness provider. After practicing traditional dentistry for 10 years, Dr. Jorgensen became very sick. In her search for health, she discovered that the dental techniques she was using was the cause of her sickness. This discovery led her to the Biologic/Holistic Dentistry field.

For the last 10 years, she has been paving the way in Biologic/Holistic dentistry. Her goal is to change the way dentists look at health. To do this, she created Total Care Academy, a comprehensive program to help others learn more about treating dental and overall health issues with a biological and whole body approach.